INSSUE Intelligence

Comprehensive insurance platform

Inssue Intelligence stands on three components. Each of them is an individual and independent entity, while combined, they form a complete analytics and processing system. At the first stage, the vehicle usage data is collected in real time along with the data from the statistical sources. Next, an analysis of the data using AI algorithms is conducted. At the last stage, the risk is calculated more accurately than ever before and individual insurance policies are created.

By means of INSSUE user support insurance program we truly increase the quality of the usage of the vehicles and the safety of drivers, which in turn results in significant financial savings in the areas of insurance, fleet usage and employee absences caused by the traffic incidents.


Access to every crucial source of data automatically and accurately

Thanks to a tracker installed in fleet vehicles, the system acquires data which describes the driver’s driving style, vehicle exploitation as well as cause and course of traffic incidents. INSSUE Technologies is a manufacturer of its own INSSUE Box tracker and algorithm which is a patent-pending solution.

INSSUE Sense allows for synchronisation of data from INSSUE Box tracker, third-party trackers and external sources such as cartographic, atmospheric and loss history information. That makes the service stand out as a truly innovative solution. 


Broad knowledge regarding each vehicle and whole fleet’s actual usage

INSSUE Think aggregates the collected data and creates an information storage. AI deeply analyses it and creates behavioural patterns and user profiles in order to moderate the quality and extent of usage of the fleet and to adjust the insurance variant accordingly.

Such a knowledge base enables generation of savings through effective fleet management in terms of route optimization, work time monitoring as well as technical condition and servicing of vehicles. The overall picture of fleet use allows the system to automatically complete insurance parameters.


Tender platform for process participants

The INSSUE Act allows both fleet companies and insurance companies to view strictly defined data and analyzes provided by INSSUE Think.
It is not only a platform for the exchange of key information between the participants of the process, but above all the tender service, enabling the seamless signing of a mutually beneficial insurance contract.