First intelligent insurance policy system for fleets

We create INSURANCE 4.0.


INSSUE Intelligence is the first AI-based technology in Poland, which is focused on supporting automation of the insurance process at insurance institutions, including actuarial, provisioning and distribution of policies. We create INSURANCE 4.0. offering an usage-based & behavior-based insurance approach and reducing the extensive list of tasks in the field of analysis, brokering and static process systems.

INSSUE Intelligence is a platform that combines the interests of participants of the communication policies distribution process such as policy distributors and fleet companies. For each of the parties it means significant financial savings in the time and risk management areas.

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Traditional loss and insurance management calculation system is outdated, inefficient and ineffective. Therefore, in order to manage it, significant financial and human capital is required. INSSUE Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to revolutionise the methodology of car insurance policies management by automating the policies calculation and distribution process and reducing the engagement of people required to oversee the operation.

INSSUE Intelligence is based on Microsoft components while the system operates within the Microsoft Azure cloud, which provides the highest security standards, stability and state of the art quality of INSSUE Intelligence services. We bring revolution to the area of car insurance policies and client management during the time of the policy. INSURANCE 4.0 has arrived.

How it works


INNSUE Box tracker is installed in the vehicle. It collects telemetric parameters of the vehicle. Data may also be collected from other sources i.e. car manufacturers or third-party trackers.


Data generated by the vehicle or delivered by external suppliers (i.e. insurance history of the vehicle or geographic data) is then sent to INSSUE Sense using Microsoft Azure cloud.


Collected data is analysed by AI (INSSUE Think) which then generates statistics regarding the driver’s profile and driving style.


The fleet company has access to live-generated reports and offers of insurance companies, which they create based on statistical data generated by INSSUE Think.


Through INSSUE Act platform insurance companies have access to reports and data regarding specific vehicles in the fleet. Based on the information provided they present insurance offer which takes drivers’ driving style into account.



Financial savings for the companies thanks to:

  • precise driving evaluation process of fleet vehicles
  • improvement suggestions for fleet functioning
  • constant cooperation with the polices issuer  during the process of choosing the most financially attractive insurance variant
  • saving the time needed to meet with various insurance companies and comparing the offers


Minimisation of operative risk thanks to:

  • access to real data of insured fleet vehicles
  • possibility to assess insurance risk
  • elimination of people involved in the risk assessment and policy appraisal processes
  • possibility to create tailor-made offers

Why us




Our platform is open to external partners who can easily integrate with it.




Components of our solution create a coherent whole by offering complex services for the users.




Our technological solutions are supervised by top R&D, AI and IoT experts from Fideltronik.




Our platform operates within the MS Azure cloud which guarantees safety, stability and scalability.